Why Vote for Ade?

A Vote for Ottawa Mayoral Candidate Ade Olumide Is A Vote For 6 Platforms On Competence And Ethics

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6 Platforms On Competence And Ethics


Platform 1- Click here for End Ottawa Elections Gambling

Listen to Mayoral Debate Reminder- CFRA radio coverage of the consequences of the lack of constitutional municipal political parties for Mayor O’Brien which likely lead to the alleged defacto Mayor Watson political party

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One Biofuels Zero Waste Recycling Centre For Weekly Collection Of Garbage, Blue and Black Bin Recycling, Organics, Construction, Demolition, Electronics Waste Recycling, Landfill Gas Recovery, Waste-To-Biofuels. Commercial Windmills Bylaw. Hydro Free Trade Which Is Consistent With Ade Olumide Former President Of The Ottawa Taxpayer Advocacy Group Convincing 37 Cities Across Ontario To Pass A Hydro Affordability Motion That he Drafted.

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No New Money. Income Equity Lens. 1% Cap On Taxes & Fees. Reduce The Impact Of 121K Per Person Through A 4-Year Hiring Freeze ($63 Million Annual Savings From Attrition) & Ottawa Contractors. End The Rural Storm Water Heist. Implement Weekly Budget Variance Reports and Historical (About 20% Of Services) Waterfall Analysis. 

Through retirements over a period of 8 years or more, we will eventually lose about 20% of the $1.9 Billion (about 3,000 full-time equivalents) city compensation budget, these reductions will be permanent through where necessary up to $400 million in contracts to small, medium and big businesses. Ottawa Contractors shall learn from Consulting and Audit Canada and prioritize $25K to $100K contracts, this could lead to the creation of up to 1,000 new companies of 1 or more people, in 4 years these companies could build capacity to bid for $1 million dollar contracts anywhere in Canada and the USA.

Utilize high-level activity-based costing to break a $6 Billion operating & capital costs budget into about 1,000 internal & external services of about $6 million. Host a Financial Summit to involve the public to prioritize up to 1,000 services through a discussion and survey, so that the Council and the public can implement No New Money which was promised by Mayor Watson at the request of Ade Olumide the former President of the Ottawa Taxpayer Advocacy Group.

Different groups will be asked to vote based on 3 (high priority), 2 (medium priority), and 1 (low priority). No new Money can mean a motion to pay for a drug treatment centre (1), supportive housing (1), food bank support (1), rent bank (1), accessible taxi retrofit (1) through cuts in the Parks & Recreation printing (3) or Library marketing (3) or Police Corporate Accounts (3), travel (3).

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Rural Home To LRT Shuttle. Fund Middle-Class (Less Than 53K Employment Income) Eligibility For Free Transit Through A 4-Year Hiring Freeze. Increase Frequency, Increase Road Maintenance, Transit Bill of Rights.

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Anonymized Police Complaints Transparency Bill Of Rights For The Public & Other Police Officers. Ameliorate The Impact Of 151K Per Person, Excluding Frontline Officers, Maximise The Ratio Of Unsworn Vs Police Personnel (Up To $18 Million Annual Savings From Attrition). Reduce The Root Causes Of Homeless & Crime. 

The unethical Ottawa City Council refused to end the disproportionate effect of police misconduct on indigenous people, visible minorities, caucasian female police officers, female politicians and female media personalities. The unethical Ottawa City Council refused to engage the Municipal Act "bylaws respecting accountability and transparency of its local board" power so as to require the Board to engage Police Services Act "policies respecting the disclosure of ... personal information" "guidelines for dealing with complaints" "review of the Chief ... administration of complaints" "the Board, may by by-law, make rules for ... the Police force" power to create a 120 Days Anonymized Police Complaints Transparency Bill of Rights.

In contrast, these ethical Councillor candidates consent to a 120 Days (OIPRD Benchmark) Anonymized Police Complaints Transparency Bill of Rights: Kathleen Caught Ward 24, Miranda Gray Ward 11, Brandon Russell Ward 14, Gino Scaffidi Ward 18, Vilteau Delvas Ward 8, Peter Karwacki Ward 13They did not endorse Ade Olumide for Mayor, they endorsed an end to the cover-up of police misconduct.  

Good cops are reputational victims of bad cops (about 10%), good cops are in the majority, and Olumide is pro-police duty to keep us safe. Regardless of voting plans, everyone has an ethical duty to sign this change dot org petition to all levels of the Canadian & US governments AND circulate it to Canadian and USA residents. Any politician that disagrees with the substance of this petition is ethically unfit to serve at any level of government. The petition shows that frustrated by government bad cop cover-ups; Alberta, Idaho, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, academics, media and law enforcement associations created incomplete police misconduct databases. In Newfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick, the police misconduct investigation deadline is 90 and 60 days respectively, with no extensions. In Ontario, there is no deadline, however, just as the OIPRD made an unenforced rule requiring a Chief to get Board permission to exceed 6 months, Council has "transparency" power to require the Board to "disclose" the reason for exceeding the 120 days OIPRD benchmark. A police misconduct investigation is not a criminal investigation, an anonymized copy of all Ontario Privacy Commissioner decisions (including access requests that relate to criminal investigations) are online.
  • Why does the unethical Ottawa City Council oppose the ethical vision of the Alberta academic community who are using their own volunteer time and money to solve a problem that governments like Ottawa City Council are paid to solve?
  • Why does the unethical Ottawa City Council want any unethical Police Chief to retain the unethical power to permit 4-year investigations without decisions?
  • Just as pausing Hockey Canada funding, triggered a complaint transparency promise, but for Ottawa police complaints transparency, Canada should also pause Ottawa Police funding. Why did the unethical Ottawa Police Services Board use taxpayer funds to cover up a 4-year process by paying any alleged perpetrator of sexual harassment to prevent a hearing? 
  • Other than systemic racism & misogyny, why would a Councillor that was the subject of an Integrity Commissioner sexual harassment report and the unethical Ottawa City Council continue to cover up criminal and other misconduct by police officers by refusing about 10 requests for a police complaints transparency bylaw?
  • It is unethical to hire any Chief with a cover-up track record of inciting misconduct by permitting misconduct investigations to exceed 120 days, why has the unethical Ottawa Police Services Board not yet disclosed the result of the community consultation on hiring a new Police Chief?


Platform 6 - Download PDF to Learn More

Ottawa Ombudsman Review Of Any City Employee Or Integrity Commissioner Or Auditor General Or Board Alleged Violation Of The Charter Or Criminal Or Other Codes Re Civil & Property Bill of Rights. Implement An Income Equity Lens On All Council Motions Which Includes End Reverse Robinhood Home Construction Policies. Safely Reduce Red Tape Which Limits Small Business Productivity.

Team Olumide hereby presents a golden opportunity to raise Ottawa City Council’s level of competence and ethics, please register your support online or via email [email protected] for about one communication per month, please donate now! the rumour is that a mayoral campaign costs about $0.5 million.