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A Vote for Ottawa Mayoral Candidate Ade Olumide Is A Vote For 6 Platforms On Competence And Ethics


Invite To Sign & Circulate A Change.org Petition For A Police & Military Complaints Transparency Bill of Rights

Invite To Speak Or Attend November 28, 2022 Ottawa Police Board Historic Vote On A 120 Days Police Complaints Transparency Bill of Rights 

6 Platforms On Competence And Ethics


Platform 1- Click here for End Ottawa Elections Gambling

Listen to Mayoral Debate Reminder- CFRA radio coverage of the consequences of the lack of constitutional municipal political parties for Mayor O’Brien which likely lead to the alleged defacto Mayor Watson political party.

Caucasian-controlled mainstream media incorrectly stated that only 5 candidates were invited to the 4th Eco Debate, so as to censor a black Complaint to the Election Compliance Audit Committee re Eco Debate Coalition's (defacto political party) failure to register Elections Act “Third Party Advertisement" attacking black Olumide for daring to ask caucasian Mckenney a question on an income equity lens for free transit that is not based on income and police complaints transparency issues that disproportionately affect blacks. They incited other debate organizers & media to exclude these black issues and Ottawa Citizen to defame the black (without his rebuttal) so as to profit off the lower credibility of blacks. The CBC Ombudsman, and Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission decisions re media disclosure of their Balanced Scorecard Analysis (polling, political or community experience, voter exposure to substantial practical policy alternatives) re Broadcasting Act "equitable" coverage of mayoral candidates will be posted here. Olumide cannot win without the caucasian majority vote and an end to the caucasian-controlled mainstream media censorship, however, this fear should not cause Olumide to censor the truth.

Olumide does not support the critical race theory that every caucasian is racist, people should be judged by actions: 1) CFRA news covered a Kanata eco debate through the $400 million new spending comment of the black mayoral candidate, they did not name the black voice and only interviewed the caucasian front runners, BUT when they covered the Glebe eco debate parking fees comment of a caucasian mayoral candidate who was not a front runner, they mentioned his name and interviewed him. 2) Caucasian-controlled mainstream media censored the black Complaint to the Election Compliance Audit Committee re the breach of a black Eco Debate contract which was confirmed by the organizer advertised his acceptance of their invitation but they covered a different Election Compliance Audit Complaint by a caucasian mayoral candidate  3) On May 1 a black mayoral candidate asked the Police Board to delay hiring the new Chief, in September and October two caucasian mayoral candidates repeated the same, but CBC, Postmedia Ottawa Citizen, Bellmedia CTV CFRA, and Rogers City News reported the caucasian mayoral candidates' positions without disclosing that the black was the first mayoral candidate to take that position. 4) The same differential treatment happened on October 18 & 19, they reported two caucasian mayoral candidates asked for the Commission to investigate the Board’s potential conflict of interest, but the black was the 1st to make that request on October 11 and 14. 


Platform 2 - Download PDF to Learn More

End Landfill Methane Gas Emissions Through One Biofuels Zero Waste Recycling Centre For Weekly Collection Of Garbage, Blue and Black Bin Recycling, Organics, Construction, Demolition, Electronics Waste Recycling, Landfill Gas Recovery, Waste-To-Biofuels. Commercial Windmills Bylaw. Hydro Free Trade Which Is Consistent With Ade Olumide Former President Of The Ottawa Taxpayer Advocacy Group Convincing 37 Cities Across Ontario To Pass A Hydro Affordability Motion That He Drafted.

Platform 3 - Download PDF to Learn More

Affordability: No New Money. Income Equity Lens. 1% Cap On Taxes & Fees. Reduce The Impact Of 121K Per Person Through A 4-Year Hiring Freeze ($63 Million Annual Savings From Attrition) & Ottawa Contractors. End The Rural Storm Water Heist. Implement Weekly Budget Variance Reports and Historical (About 20% Of Services) Waterfall Analysis. 

Click here To Read Ade Olumide Letter To Voters Re Competence And Ethics

Click here To Read Comparing Ottawa Mayoral Candidate Ade Olumide Policies To Mayor Jim Watson City Council Policies

Platform 4 - Download PDF to Learn More

Rural Home To LRT Shuttle. Fund Middle-Class (Less Than 53K Employment Income) Eligibility For Free Transit Through A 4-Year Hiring Freeze. Increase Frequency, Increase Road Maintenance, Transit Bill of Rights.

Platform 5 - Download PDF to Learn More

Police Complaints Transparency Bill Of Rights For The Public & Other Police Officers. Ameliorate The Impact Of 151K Per Person, Excluding Frontline Officers, and Maximise The Ratio Of Unsworn Vs Police Personnel (Up To $18 Million In Annual Savings From Attrition). Reduce The Root Causes Of Homeless & Crime.

Olumide is pro-police, pro-military, some of whom have paid the ultimate price. Good cops are in the majority, they are reputational victims of bad cops (less than 10% of the force). Priority 1 is fighting crime, therefore Olumide does not support 100% defunding the police, he supports de-tasking sworn police officers from non-crime fighting duties like mental health, traffic, construction site, Executive Services, Corporate Accounts, HR & Support, Community Relations and reallocating the savings to fund initiatives to address the root causes of crime.

Re s79(1) Police Act fine of up to $2,000 or up to 1 year in prison or both for a false complaint, transparency might mean less complaints, if there is a beyond all reasonable doubt complaint falsehood, the public would expect charges. There is no ethical reason to disagree with petition content re academics, media and a law enforcement association in Alberta, Idaho, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago who used their own money and time to create a police misconduct database due to government inaction.  The Ottawa Police Election Coalition for Safer Communities sent a questionnaire to candidates and an email quoting Prof. Daryl Davies of Carleton University “in their responses to the six questions all candidates emphasized the importance of having an accountable police service that makes decisions and deals with police misconduct in a transparent manner”.

The Hefid July 2022 Report for the Ottawa Police Board found that 42% named accountability and transparency as top priorities and wrote “3.1.7 120-Days Police Complaints Transparency Bill Of Rights ... will require the next Police Chief to commit to being transparent on complaints .... “a public online anonymized copy of every misconduct or policy accepted or rejected the complaint, with redactions if necessary, police investigator decision, the reason for extending any investigation beyond 120 days if applicable, and the reason for any redaction that is contrary to victim consent if applicable so that the public can hold OPS Chief / OPSB / Council directly or indirectly accountable for inciting police misconduct by covering up misconduct.” 

Events Leading Up To 3 Mayoral Candidates' Request For The Commission To Investigate Ottawa Police Board Refusal To Copy Toronto Police Board Decision To Delay Hiring A Police Chief Until After The Election 

On September 1 Catherine McKenney endorsed Olumide's May 1 video position and May 3 pinned tweet to Council; "allow the new council and new [police board} to choose the chief who will lead that renewal", 

On October 8, a CBC columnist wrote "the decision may be too important to be left to a group that won't have to deal with the consequences",

On October 11 Olumide copied the media and candidates on an “Open Letter To … Board re lawfulness of “Board voted to continue recruitment” based upon a biased report (more than 6% of respondents were Police or Board or Council or Staff), an undeclared conflict of interest to develop the interview criteria (120 Days police complaints track record), unreasonable (irrational) decision to hire a Chief before the next Council … legitimate expectation from the Community Consultation news release and if there is no emergency meeting and vote on … this email, bad faith (‘lack of candour, frankness, impartiality .. arbitrary .. expense of the public interest ... lack of due diligence’)”,

On October 12 an Ottawa Citizen columnist wrote “Candidates for the River Ward … also wanted the board to halt the hiring process …Bob Chiarelli... “I’ve asked for the hiring of the police chief to be put off”,

On October 14 Olumide copied the media and candidates on “… Ethan Sabourin’s allegation that the Board might be rushing to hire a Chief that would oppose the accountability and transparency priorities of the new Council. This prompted CTV CFRA Radio Host to allege that the Board Chair said that the Police Services (Act) requires … a new Chief before the Council is sworn in … it is necessary to ask the … Chair to clarify … Olumide … does not believe that he would intentionally mislead the media …”.

On October 18 Mayoral Candidates McKenney and Chiarelli endorse Olumide's October 11 and 14 call for a Civilian Police Commission investigation of the Police Board.

On October 21,22 Olumide sent letters to the Solicitor General and Civilian Police Commission re the October 21 announcement of a new Chief so as to pre-empt the October 24 election, the absence of the 2 councillor Police Board members at the announcement might indicate dissent. The Commission's investigation should include interviewing the absent councillors. 

Why Should A November 28 Vote On A 120 Days Police Complaints Transparency Bill of Rights Succeed?

If Ottawa and all councils, provinces & Canada implement the Police and Military Non-Criminal Complaints Transparency Bill of Rights, the public will be able to read the ethical judgement of RCMP Commission and Ontario OIPRD replies to requests for the publication of acceptable working conditions for female media and politicians (includes campaigning for a spouse) despite “accusations, menaces” intended to prevent female media or political jobs are s346(1) extortion, s423(1a,b) intimidation Criminal Code offences AND 175(1)(a)(i)(iii) “causes a disturbance…(i) by .. using insulting or obscene language” Criminal Code is not conditional on intent.  

The Council refused to end the disproportionate effect of police misconduct on indigenous people, visible minorities, caucasian female police officers, female politicians and female media personalities AND refused to engage the Municipal Act "social … well-being… 6.  Health, safety and well-being … 8.  Protection of persons and property" power to require the Board to engage Police Services Act "policies respecting the disclosure of ... personal information" "guidelines for dealing with complaints" "review of the Chief ... administration of complaints" "Board, may by by-law ...for ... the Police force" 120 Days Police Complaints Transparency Bill of Rights.

In contrast, these ethical Councillor candidates consent to a 120 Days (OIPRD Benchmark) Police Complaints Transparency Bill of Rights: Kathleen Caught Ward 24, Gino Scaffidi Ward 18, Dr Rebecca Bromwich Ward 17, Councillor Shawn Menard Ward 17, Brandon Russell Ward 14, Peter Karwacki Ward 13, Miranda Gray Ward 11, Joseph Ben-Ami Ward 9, Michael Wood Ward 9, Sean Devine (Yes to transparency, de does not know whether the transparency trigger should be 120 days or longer) Ward 9, Vilteau Delvas Ward 8, Wendy Davidson Ward 8, Mathew Duchesne Ward 6, Kevin Hua Ward 6, School Board Trustees: Amanda Presley Zone 5, Dr. Melissa Fraser-Arnott Zone 6, Marguerite Gravelle Zone 3. They did not endorse Ade Olumide for Mayor, they endorsed an end to the cover-up of police misconduct.  

Anyone that disagrees with the essence of this petition is ethically unfit to serve in government. In Newfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick, the legislated deadline for a police misconduct investigation is 90 and 60 days respectively (no extensions). In Ontario, there is no deadline, however, just as the OIPRD made a rule requiring a Chief to get Board permission to exceed 6 months, the Board should make a rule to "disclose" the reason for exceeding the 120 days OIPRD benchmark. A police misconduct investigation is not a criminal investigation, an anonymized copy of all Ontario Privacy Commissioner decisions (including access requests that relate to criminal investigations) are online.


Platform 6 - Download PDF to Learn More

Ottawa Ombudsman Review Of Any City Employee Or Integrity Commissioner Or Auditor General Or Board Alleged Violation Of The Charter Or Criminal Or Other Codes Re Civil & Property Bill of Rights. Implement An Income Equity Lens On All Council Motions Which Includes End Reverse Robinhood Home Construction Policies. Safely Reduce Red Tape Which Limits Small Business Productivity.

Please register your support online or via email [email protected] for about one communication per month, please donate now! the rumour is that a mayoral campaign costs about $0.5 million.